I assist clients in a wide range of interior design projects, from sourcing vintage pieces, styling with what you already own, filling in gaps, as well as top to bottom room creation.  This includes selecting paint, accessories, home arrangement, custom furniture, window treatments, flooring, and custom lighting. 

I collaborate with both architects and contractors to make a cohesive, graceful environment. My design philosophy is to create inviting elegance layered with vintage and bohemian touches.  I use a neutral palette with splashes of bold color or unexpected art. Inside that tension, that push and pull, the most interesting design is born.


Carolyn Miller began her eponymous design firm in 2013. A lifelong treasure hunter and midcentury collector, she gravitates toward vintage pieces because they contain histories and have lived in other homes.  "I love restoring them, and infusing them with new life. It is my small way of celebrating the legacy of great design. " 

A room, above all, should tell a story. A home can reflect our best selves and encaspulate our personality -  a space to cherish privately that also allows us to share ourselves with guests.  

Her background in film has taught her to tell a story with a room and to lead the eye through space. She earned an MFA from USC film school and has wrote and directed feature films.  This foundation has trained her for we;; interior design. It is all about balance and proportion inside the architectural frame.

Her work has appeared in Dwell and Domaine.